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Registration support

Sunjoy Crop has an excellent registration team composed of professionals  majored in Chemistry Analysis, Toxicological Study, Crop Protection, Chemical Synthesis and etc. Engaged in registration affairs for many years and well acquainted with the registration regulations and policies in different countries our registration team has accumulated rich experience in registration practice and can provide our customers with timely, effective, accurate and comprehensive registration service and the relative technical assistance. We maintain regular cooperative relationship with a number of renowned GLP certified laboratories and keep continual investment in 5- batch Composition Analysis, Physico-chemical Properties and Toxicology Studies for our important and strategic products so that to build a solid foundation for our overseas business expansion.

We offer the following data:
Summary & Recommendations of Data
Analytical Methods of Active Ingredients and Formulations
5-batch Composition Analysis (Impurity Profile Studies)
Physico-chemical Properties Studies
Toxicological Studies
Eco-toxicological Studies
Environmental Fate Studies
Residue Analytical Methods of Pesticides in Environment and Crops
Residue Studies

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