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The predecessor of Ningbo Sunjoy Agroscience Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1958 known as Ningbo Pesticide Factory. As a pioneer of China Agrochemical Industry and one of the 30 key agrochemical manufacturers affiliated to the former Ministry of Chemical Industry of China, Ningbo Pesticide Factory contributed greatly to Chinese Agricultural development.
In 2002 Ningbo Pesticide Factory was merged into Sinochem Ningbo and was renamed as Sinochem Ningbo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Since then it became an important agrochemical production base of Sinochem Group.

In 2008 after twice relocation Sinochem Ningbo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. established two production bases separately in Ningbo Zhenhai Chemical Industry Zone and Lian Yun Gang Guannan Chemical Zone. Our headquarters covering an area of 10 hectares  located in Ningbo Zhenhai Chemical Industry Zone is mainly engaged in formulation production, research and sales besides synthesis of some technicals. Our production plant located in Lian Yun Gang Guannan Chemical Zone is a synthesis manufacturer of a series of agrochemical technicals, which covers an area of 16 hectares. Since March 2015 Sinochem Ningbo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. left Sinochem Group along with Sinochem Ningbo and has been renamed as Ningbo Sunjoy Agroscience Co.,Ltd. as a subsidiary company of Ningbo Sunjoy Cropscience Co.,Ltd.

Snythesis Workshop

We have presently 11 synthesis workshops for the production of neonicotinoid insecticides, organophosphorus insecticides, carbamate insecticides, triazole fungicides, strobilurin fungicides, aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides, dinitroaniline herbicides and imidazolinone herbicides. Other 7 new synthesis workshops are now under planning for the production of new strobilurin fungicides and pyridinecarboxylic acid herbicides.

Formulation Workshops

Our newly designed and built 14,000 m2  liquid formulation workshop equipped with 6 automatic or semi-automatic packing lines can produce over 20,000 m3 per year all kinds of insecticides and fungicides in liquid formulation. By applying industry-leading technology and equipments the average particle size (D90) of our SC products can reach 3.5 micron with the suspensibility above 97%.   Our solid formulation workshop has two sets of jet mills with daily processing capacity of 10 mt. The average particle size (D90) of our WP products can come to 10 micron through ultra-pressure air milling technology. Integrated with fluidized-bed  granulating and extrusion granulating equipments we can produce 3,000 mt per year various solid formulated insecticides and fungicides.

Our herbicides workshop, strictly region-segmented to prevent cross-contamination, can formulate every year up to 20,000 m3 of different herbicide products in liquid formulation.

Storage Facilities

4,000 m2 high-rack computerized warehouse for the storage of finished products under categories.

Waste Treatment

Our Wastewater Station equipped with full service of physicochemical  and biological treatment can process 1,000 mt per day of high-density wastewater and discharge in strict accordance with the standard of Ningbo Zhenhai Chemical Industry Zone .   All waste gas generated during the production process will be collected separately and sent to RTO for incineration after the pretreatment of cryocoagulation, spray-absorption and activated carbon adsorption-recovery.

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