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Sunjoy  Cropscience  provides its staff with a comprehensive welfare and security package that include legal insurance benefits, public house fund accumulation, medical insurance, and mutual aiding fund for serious diseases, unemployment insurance, birth-giving insurance and work-related injury insurance as well as other commercial insurances involving housing comprehensive insurance, family and property insurance, injury insurance, supplementary medical insurance and hospitalized subsidies of 60 yuan a day, thus creating a carefree environment for its staff.

Working Hours

The Company carries out the system of five weekdays with state law-regulated holidays.

Social welfare

Sunjoy  Cropscience  provides its new employees from other provinces or regions with a two-bedroom plus a living room flat for 2-3 members. It also supplies them with the top-grade office environments and occupational safety guaranty of OHSAS18001. Its staff enjoys such paid leaves: annual leaves, leaves for handling marriage or funeral affairs, maternity leaves for women workers, parents or spouse visiting leave, and leave for illness.

The Company has a dining hall on the seventh floor to provide three meals of rich varieties for a day. And it also sends gifts and other things on such special occasions as holidays, birthday and physical check-up.

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