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Company profile

As one of former Sinochem Ningbo’s three key business units, Agrochemical Division has witnessed a steady development in the past over 20 years. Our agrochemical  business  turnover reached  1.389 billion yuan (about US dollar 225 million) in 2013, ranked as top 20 in China  Agrochemical  Industry Companies and top 15 in China Agrochemical Export Companies respectively.

Along with  the  completion  of  reorganizing   Sinochem  Ningbo Ltd. into Ninhua  Group  Co., Ltd. in  March  2015, the former Sinochem Ningbo  Agrochemical  Division  has turned  into  Sunjoy  Cropscience Co., Ltd., a subsidiary  company  of  Ninhua  Group. Relying  on  our  Cooperation-Orientated  policy, Differentiation-Pursuing  strategy  and  integrating  the  resource  of  R&D,  synthesis, formulation and  distribution network  both  in  China and overseas  countries,  Sunjoy Crop   manufactures  and  markets a broad  range of crop protection products of high-efficacy, low-toxicity and eco-friendship including technical and formulated insecticides,  fungicides,  herbicides and repellents.

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