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Human Resources

Human resources are vital and paramount to a company's sustainable progress with its excellent personnel members. We maintain the vision of people-centered HR management with a view to specialization, devotion, career and identity. The respect for talents and staff will step up their advance, which in turn will push forward the Company's growth. The staff's creativity is a driving force to the Company's development, their industriousness is a blessing for the Company's rise, and their innovation is of great vitality to the Company's prosperity.

Our target: HR will be developed into a strong support for the Company's growth, and a favorable environment and space will be created for the staff's personal development.

Concepts on Talents

Sunjoy Cropscience  is convinced that a company's success arises from its staff's wisdom and endeavor. The staff is considered the Company's treasure and core competitiveness. The Company is endeavoring to create an ideal working environment and a platform for career advance in the hope of achieving its workers'self-actualization and the social value while guaranteeing shareholders'interest. We'd like to pursue the objectives and growth of the Company together with the whole staff, and welcome celebrated talents to the Company who are expected to recognize our concept of value. Ninhua Group will be devoted to supplying unmatchable products and service of high value.

We hope that Cropscidence's staff will establish themselves as beings of integrity, cooperativeness and learning orientation, and as workers of conscientiousness, innovation and excellent-pursuing. 

Our Goodwill and Mission

Sunjoy Cropscience  will endeavor to supply the society with chemicals of safety, wholesomeness and environmental-friendliness, and with value-added service of hi-efficiency and good quality, being a company to its clients' content, to its shareholders' trust and to the society's respect. With the people-centered concept, the Company, committed to institutional management and specialized service, will attach great importance to upgrading the value of both the company and its staff.

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